HMS Fly Model Build Photos

1. Hull Frame and Lower Deck.

2. Lower Deck Painted Flat Black.On the finished model you can see through the hatch
opening so the lower deck was painted a flat black so that it would appear empty.

3. Main Deck (Gun Deck) installed. Note black view through hatchways.

4. Deck Planking On Bow Main Deck. To model the chaulking tar between the deck
planks, a black Mark-A-Lot was used to color the edges of the planks.

5. Main Deck (Gun Deck) planking. Planks are Tanganyika wood strips. Middle deck
will be planked all the way to the edge after the gunport patterns are installed. The three
center frames on each side will then be removed

6. Chaulking between planks. Close-up to show the chaulking tar between the
deck planks. Wood color variation will match more evenly after varnishing.

7. Main Deck Fore and Aft Varnished. Deck fittings under upper decks installed along
with upper deck support beams.

8. Upper decks temporarily pinned in place. Gun port patterns are cut out and ready to
be shaped to conform to the hull.

9. Port gun port patern. Port side gun port pattern soaked in warm water for 2 hours,
then clamped, pinned, taped, and shimmed to conform with the hull shape.

10. Starboard gun port pattern. Same as Port side.

11. Gun port pattern. Gun port patterns ready for installation and planking,

12. Port side first planking. Gun port pattern installed and first planking completed
Learning curve was high and mistakes made. Needed hours of sanding to correct mistakes.

13. Closeup of first planking. 

14. Second planking. Walnut planking before finish is applied. The lighter part above
the gun ports is also walnut, but of a lighter color. The kit has varied color walnut planks.

15. Planking complete and first coat of finish. Note main wale applied to center hull.
The upper black band will be where the decorative freize will be applied.
Upper decks (forward and aft) installed.

16. Closeup of middle deck. Pump and pump handles installed along with lower

17. Continued work on hull.

18. Bow construction.

19. Hull near completion.

Hull near completion.

After 9 weeks and approximately 70 hours, the hull is nearing completion.

Dowels have been temporarily placed in the mast positions for measurements and spacing.
The cannon carriages have been placed, but the barrels will be added later, as they may
get broken off during construction. The gun port lids will also be added later. The deck
guns will be added later as they are mounted above the deck railing and may be broken off
during construction.

The main work left on the hull is installation of the channels and chain-plates for the
shroud lines. These must be pinned as well as glued to the hull since they take all the
strain from the masts.

Also, the model shows that the hull from the water line to the keel is off-white in color.
I have decided not to paint the water line and below and leave the hull as it is now.

20. Bow.

21. Stern. (Rudder needs finish coat.)

22. Upper fore deck.

23. Main mid deck.

24. Upper aft deck. Deck furnishings from left to right:
Aft deck forward railing, double vent covers, aft companion way, capstan, vent cover,
skylight,aft mast position,binnicle, ship's wheel, tiller and tiller cover.

25. First channel installed.
Shown installed are the accompanying deadeyes, chains and chain plates.

Close-up Photos of Finished Hull

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