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Picture of Spur 3 at Red Deer, Greatland Sugar Refinery. Red Deer Spur 1 and 2 are the other side of the Freight Office.


Layout Description

The layout is a triple folded dogbone configuration. The two legs are laid together so that the Mainline appears as a double track mainline. It folds over itself several times as it winds around a 20 X 22 foot room. The loops at the end of the doglegs are reverse loops, allowing trains to use crossovers as passing sidings throughout the layout, without any out-of-phase problems. One end has a triple track reverse loop and the other end has a single track reverse loop transversing a trestle bridge. Each track reverses independently.

Daily Operations

Freight trains remain overnight at Broken Bow, Benning, Garrison, Red Deer, and Nimrod. Passenger trains remain overnight at Calgary and Broken Bow Station. There are two round trip passenger trains daily from Calgary to Broken Bow.

Several trains arrive and leave Broken bow each day for various destinations. Red Deer and Nimrod have three freights a day. Garrison has two freights a day. Bouden and Benning, have daily freight service.

Operation of the above is completely automatic, controlled by RailRoad & Co. Train Controller program using a time table. The fast clock is four to one and takes about an hour and twenty minutes of real time to complete. The railroad is also capable of manual control and any range of the combination of the two.

The following pages are a tour around the railroad. You will notice that I am in the process of landscaping and some of the locations are complete, some partly complete, and some in the raw. As I complete sections, I will post new pictures.