Model RailRoad

Section I Rail Road Photos.

1. RailRoad Layout Description and Tour Photos

2. RailRoad Layout Construction Photos

3. RailRoad Electrical Wiring Photos

4. Trestle Construction Photos

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Section II Power and Layout Drawings.

Layout Drawing
The drawing is of the 20' x 20' track layout. Track heights are indicated, but are really small. The drawing was made with the track drawing program AnyRail.  Notice the layout is essentially a folded dogbone layout. The dogbone format gives the appearance of a double track mainline. The multiple crossovers allow for passing during operations.

DCC Track Power Drawings
There are 3 drawings that when joined together make the wiring diagram of my layout for Track Power and Protection, Block Detection, and Reverse Sections.

Digitrax DS64 Drawing
The drawing is for a DS64 with Facia switches controlled by the computer.

DCC Programming Track Drawing
The drawing is for a programming track with an isolation section using a 4PDT Switch.


Section III Equipment.

PS2012 Power Supply
PS515 Power Supply
2 PS315 Power Supply
DCS100 Command Station/5a Booster
DB200 8a Booster
5 BDL168 Block Detectors
3 SE8C Signal Controllers
16 DS64 Stationary Turnout Decoders
11 UP5 LocoNet Panels
1 UR91 Radio Receiver
1 UR92 Radio Receiver
DT402D, DT400R and UT4 Throttles

DCC Specialties
8 PSX-1 Circuit Breakers
4 OGAR Auto Reversers

RailRoad & Co. Train Controller
Quantum Programmer
JMRI Decoder Pro
LocoNet Tester