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1. Supplies.

The supplies were ordered from Black Bear Construction Co., Inc.
Included are:
200 - 24 inch 12in. X 12in. (.138 x .138) for trestle bent legs
500 - 24 inch 3in. X 8in. (.034 x .092) for girts, horizontal and vertical bracing
15 - 24 inch pre-formed stringer material
4,500 - NBW's (not shown)

2. Lower trestle bent in 5-leg jig.

Plans are for one 5 inch high trestle, 50 inches long and one 10 inch high trestle 110 inches long.
The photo shows the first low trestle bent in the jig.

3. Upper trestle bent in 5-leg jig.

4. Beginning lower trestle position with Trestle Buddy.

The Trestle Buddy is mandatory in my opinion. It makes spacing and assembly very easy and uniform.

5. Beginning upper trestle with position with Trestle Buddy.

6. Assembly of lower trestle with Trestle Buddy.

The NBW's are reflecting the flash from the camera and are not that prominent in real life.

7. Completed lower trestle (50 in. long, 4 in. high) (362 ft long, 29 ft high HO scale)

8. Lower trestle installed on layout.

9. Upper trestle over lower trestle.

I decided on a three bent support for the bridge over the lower trestle.

10. Beginning assembly of upper trestle.

There is a line drawn on the table for the curved trestle to follow. Seen better in pictures 1, 4, and 6.

11. Assembly of upper trestle.

12. Assembly of upper trestle.

13. Upper trestle inside of curve (62 inches long, 11 inches high) (450 ft. X 80 ft HO scale).

14. Upper trestle outside curve ready fro track and installation on layout.

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