Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ (VPO)

Section I: Research and Planning.

(1) Beginning Research
(2) Computer Specifications
(3) Sound Card, Effects Processor
(4) Speakers/Amplifiers
(5) Keyboards, Pedalboards, Swell Shoes
(6) Programming Keyboards

Section II: Console Development.

(1) Pictures of the development of the console.


Section III: Wiring Diagrams.

(1) Complete Wiring Diagram
(2) AC Power Wiring Diagram
(3) Audio/Visual, MIDI, & USB Wiring
(4) Classic MIDIWorks Lighted Rocker Tabs

Section IV: Console Construction.

(1) Nameboard
(2) Keycheeks
(3) Speaker Cabinet

Download PDF file for assembling Classic MIDI Works Console Table

Download PDF file for wiring Classic MIDI Works Toe Studs to the MKSC-4A encoder


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Thank you,

Ollie Mayes